The Brixton Live partners identified an opportunity to diversify and create a Cultural Tourism offer as part of their joint working.

We aim to provide sustainable tourism activities that contribute positively to Brixton’s environment, economy and culture – attracting overseas and domestic visitors to Brixton and generating a vital income stream for small arts organisations

What’s different about our offer – is that we ask you to take part in activity – a hip hop dance class, DJ Workshop….

Below is a selection of some of the workshops/activities that we can offer as a group of partners.

Please get in touch if you are interested in one of the workshops or if you would like us to create one specifically tailored for you/your organization

  • Brixton Photo Treasure Hunt (2.5 hours)

    A small group with a team leader is given a mission to photograph (using mobile phones) a list that includes various points of interest around the centre of Brixton. When the time is up, each group returns to Studio B and presents their photos along with their checklist sheet. Each groups earns one point for each challenge successfully photographed, with bonus points for creativity and effort!

  • Hip Hop Dance Class at Studio B – 2.5 hour dance session with dancer demonstrations

    Taught by Olympics opening ceremony choreographer Sundanda ‘sunsun’ biswas and the legendary UK Bboy lil’ Tim, this class is suitable for both beginners and the more experienced dancer as sessions are tailored to each individual’s ability and skills. Sunsun and Lil’Tim focus on the foundation of breaking, developing upper body stringy and stamina and the all important element of free styling

  • Music Workshops at Raw Material – 2.5 hour sessions
    • DJ workshop, ie. Learn to beat mix, use Ableton, Serato.
    • Recording studio workshop- write some lyrics and have a quick vocal recording session
    • Music tech workshop- ie. Put a beat down, add some sounds, make a composition
  • Design & Print your own t-shirt at Hustlebucks in Brixton market
    • Arrive at Brixton Market
    • Walk around Brixton, with representatives from the young creatives programme based at 198 Gallery – taking photos for design inspiration
    • Back to the studio to transform photos/text into a design
    • Finalise designs and print T-shirt
Parteners who are involved
To create your own tour get in touch