Brixton Live is a collective of local creative organisations, which have come together to promote culture in Brixton.

It was set up by local social enterprise Kettle Partnership, who sourced the funding and continue to manage the project, providing ongoing support, advice and communications help.

Partners include: Photofusion; Ovalhouse; b3 media; Raw Material; Independance; 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning, Sixteenfeet Productions and three Lambeth Council services: Lambeth Libraries, Archives and Arts. Our aim is to boost audiences for each and all of our partners. We realised that there are many areas of overlap among partners, so we look to explore those areas of common ground and come together for joint events and festivals when we can.

Brixton Live was set up in 2013, with help from an Arts Council England grant. The website went live in February 2014.  Brixton Live is not a news site, our primary function is to support cultural organisations, and develop a cross-marketing approach between partners that will benefit both residents and visitors to Brixton. We’re doing this under the umbrella brand ‘Brixton Live’, and part of what we do is promote our partners and their events through the website and social and mainstream media.

Partnership is by no means restricted to not for profit organisations, but we do look for a focus on the community of Brixton and how to encourage more people to take part in cultural activities in the area. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner.

Our Philosophy

As a group of cultural/creative organizations based around Brixton – we have chosen to work together for the benefit of each other and our community and we recognize that together we have the potential to create a better awareness of the impact of creativity by jointly promoting our work.

We explore visions of collaborative working, building trust and potential for future joint working. We want to create sustained relationships between partners to improve our knowledge of each other’s organizations and encourage future collaborations. Part of our initial thinking when we started Brixton Live – was the importance of promoting our activities to each other’s audiences as well as to the wider community of Brixton and beyond. Our initial bid to the Arts Council was based on our research – that determined that our individual audiences were not always aware of the other types of creative and cultural activity taking place in Brixton.  Since the start of Brixton Live in 2014, we have been increasingly looking at promoting our work with other sectors, outside the arts – drawing relevant organizations into the partnership and attracting external resources whilst maximizing our existing resources.

We acknowledge the importance of promoting our co-location in South London and our role within it. As a group of creative organizations that share an interest in the arts and cultural activity; we have the ability to act as a catalyst, creating a network of inter-personal exchanges that support both individual artists and creative organisations. One area we wish to develop is a long-term mechanism for building capacity for action based on our common values. For example where we are based in the borough of Lambeth, there are few support networks for arts creative organizations and collectively we have a lower profile in comparison to the north of the borough where the Southbank and other national organizations are situated.